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Welcome to Outlaw Paths!

This is a web-based “tabletop” game we will be running over Google+. The times and dates of play will vary by schedule and I expect the cast to rotate often. I apologize to general users; I’m trying out ObsidianPortal before buying. This is a private invite game.

The stories we tell will follow the path of the Outlaw. Every PC will be an outlaw of some kind. Are you guilty or are you wrongly accused, just like every other felon? did blind faith lead you far from the light or were you born to rogue life on the wrong side of the palace walls? Whatever the reason, your PC must be an outlaw ofor some significant reason.
If you are having trouble coming up with a concept, don’t worry. I live for this kind of thing. Just paint me a mental picture of a nice concept that you’ll enjoy. Then I’ll happily toss some mud on it and toss it out a fifth story window into traffic before I give it back to you to play.

Oooh… I’m all tingly just thinking about it.

Main Page

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